Monday, 1 April 2013

Mabel's Mission Published by Mad Scientist Journal

...imagine a world where capricious scientists, such as yourselves, have free reign. I just so happen to come from such a world. Honestly...

...Hamish was the epitome of science gone wrong. About four and half feet tall, with wildly disproportionate, beefy limbs, he had tiny insectile eyes that were especially out of place in his large, somewhat bulbous head. His scattered patches of coarse hair were interspersed between a disturbing assortment of tubes coming out of his scalp...

Read about the Mabel's adventures in a world where human experimentation is as common as getting a haircut...but--like haircuts-- sometimes it goes horribly wrong. You can read Mabel's Mission now (free, no log-in or other effort required) at Mad Scientist Journal.

And thanks to Shannon Legler for the awesome art.

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