Friday, 31 May 2013


I've gotten into a reasonable pattern lately of writing just about every day. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Logically this should mean that I'm getting more done and coming closer to reaching my goals. If I'm writing a thousand or two words is a day, I should be pumping out new Dosterra chapters like crazy.

However, what they say is true. The more you are creative, the more creativity flows. That sounds like a good thing too, right?

Here's the problem: The new ideas are not always relevant to the project my conscious mind considers to be propriety. Result? More stories started and fewer actually getting done. I mentioned a couple of specific goals in a previous post Oh The Power of Indecision. For the few who are actually keeping track, I have clearly failed in my goal to keep up a regular publishing schedule for Dosterra. There are actually three more chapters completed, but they need some editing before being published, and I'm too busy being distracted by other things.

On the bright side, I did meet the other goal of submitting a story to the latest contest given by On The Premises. Winning may be a long shot, but I plan to take them up on the option to have my entry critiqued for $15, and I'm sure I'll learn something from that. Now, to keep writing--I'm bound to finish something else eventually.

And there you have my writing-journey thought of the day.

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