Thursday, 7 November 2013

Quiet House = Perfect Procrastinating Environment.

Hubby is away this week. Not an unusual event, being apart is something we’re quite used to. A few days away is hardly a blip on the radar. In fact, part of me thought, hmm maybe I’ll get more done while he’s away. Quiet house, no distractions, perfect writing environment.

Not that Hubby does anything specific to impede my writing when he’s home, but like most couples (I hope) we like spending time together. I’m both more likely to stop working when he gets off work 4-5pm, and to stay up late watching a movie or something—leading to sleeping in and a less productive morning—when he’s home. Now that I don’t have a day job forcing my ass out of bed at 6 in the morning, that is. We also don’t have kids yet, as you may have guessed.

So here I am, in a quiet house with all the time in the world. Yep, just me, my computer, and the cats, and--

Oh, look! The gingerbread latte is back at Starbucks. Better go get me one of those.

Me, my computer, my tasty coffee by my people’s blogs to read. Hmm, haven’t played that piano in while. Maybe today’s the day I’ll learn page two of that song I bought last year.

Maybe not.

My procrastination expands to fill the space available. For all the times I try to blame any force outside of myself for my lack of productivity, how lucky I am to have these reminders that it all comes down to me.

Yay! An almost-300-word blog post. Maybe the day won’t be a total waste after all. As I categorize this post under 'writing', I consider adding one called 'not writing'. I'm soooo clever.

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