Monday, 16 December 2013

The Cavern: Now a Podcast

About this time last year (21 Dec, 2012 to be exact) my first published short story, The Cavern, came out on Every Day Fiction. This winter-solstice-themed tale is now available as a podcast for your listening pleasure. Thanks to the narrator and EDF podcast manager Folly Blaine for her excellent reading, which you can listen to here. Enjoy.

It’s interesting to have my first story come out in another medium almost exactly one year later. At the time The Cavern came out, I wasn't sure if I’d even still be pursuing the writing gig in a year’s time. I'm glad to say that I am. A year ago, it was an experiment. A let's-try-it-on-and-see-how-it-fits kind of thing. Now it's something I can't imagine giving up regardless of what other endeavors I may move on to.

Back to the podcast, I have one personal observation to note. I had a very hard time listening to it being read out loud. I squirmed on the couch for the entire 7-ish minutes. After which, hubby said it was great (as reliable as spousal opinions are, I made him listen with me to make sure the story hadn't somehow morphed during the year that had passed).

It wasn't the reading that bothered me. Folly did a great job. And it's not like there was anything unexpected about it. Back when I first wrote and submitted it, I read and re-read the thing multiple times. So, what’s my problem? Why is it so hard to sit still while the light is shone on my work? I know I'm not the only one who reacts this way. Writers, artists, anyone, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I'm sure that I would feel just the same way...not much help, am I?