Monday, 28 December 2015

45 minutes

The baby is napping. I have approximately forty-five minutes of uninterrupted time ahead (probably). If I am ever going to complete a piece of writing ever again, I must learn to take advantage of these little windows.


...someone else wants my attention...

Poor kitties are often neglected these days. How can I resist???

In other news, I got a Chapters gift card for Christmas. Can't wait to buy more books for my to-be-read-when-my-child-is-seven pile. OK, it's not that bad. Sometimes I manage to read a whole two pages of a book before I pass out at night.


  1. I hear you!! lol There are days where he goes down for his nap and I just decide to read instead of clean or even shower ... :/ LOL so worth it though. I also got a Chapters gift card and alas it is already spent.

  2. I also spend much of my precious time reading other people's blog posts ;)

  3. Kitty looks pretty determined to get some cuddles 😝