Monday, 15 August 2016

Babyhood Rites of Passage

Removing ALL the pots from the cupboard;

Twanging the doorstop—you know, the wobbly spring kind;

“Look, Mommy! I got a handful of cat fur”—I’m amazed the cats still stay in the room. I can't decided if they're patient, dumb, or just too lazy and stubborn to give up a comfy spot, no matter what;

Blowing bubbles in the tub—thought I’d have to teach him this one, but apparently it comes naturally;

Pooping in the tub—we almost made it a full year without this happening. Tonight our number was up;

Putting objects in parents’ shoes. Shawn Writes Stuff has mentioned this phenomenon. It would seem it’s not unique to his children:

At least, he seems to have moved on from trying to eat my shoes.

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