Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Too Much Stuff, Not Enough House

Once upon a time in house A…I had a den, with a desk. The desk had drawers. The room had space. I didn’t have a baby.

Present day in house B…I have a baby, and all the stuff that comes with a baby. I no longer have a den, cause it’s the baby’s room. I no longer have a desk, cause too much stuff and not enough house. It’s ok though. We bought a new, grown-up sized dining table. I may not have a proper desk, but I still have the older, littler table.

Oh yeah, that table. The casualty of the interdimensional space. Ok, no desk and no table to call my own. I’m now working off the corner of the grown-up table. Not so bad. Of course we have to eat off this table, so I’m trying not to take up too much space. Question is: where to put all the stuff that, back in the days of house A, was on the desk, and in the drawers...

...I think I might have too many boxes.

1 comment:

  1. Our dining room table is piled high with stuff that doesn't seem to have a home. I keep telling myself I'm going to clean it, but then I just push more stuff aside when we sit down to dinner the next evening...