Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Power of Projection

It was pouring rain when we woke up this morning. When we woke up late this morning. It was one of those ‘oh please tell me it’s not time to get up yet’ days. At least, that’s what I was thinking. I can’t speak for Husband, but rather than hopping up after he announced the time was half an hour later than our usual start to the day, he rolled over and stayed firmly under the covers. I’m thinking we were on the same page.

Finally, we dragged our asses out of bed, got ready, got Kiddo ready, and got out the door. Did I mention it was pouring rain?

Neither of us had pressing schedules this morning (luckily), so after dropping Kiddo at daycare Husband and I went to the gym together. Instead of our usual independent workouts, we decided to play badminton. We used to play badminton or squash together fairly often, but it’s been a while. We played with no rules—other than trying to make each other run back and forth across the court as much as possible—laughed at how easily we get winded compared to our twenty-year-old selves, and by the time we left we were all smiles. Even the rain had ebbed to a light sprinkle and the sky was brightening. Yep, things were looking up.

Then Husband checked his email.

We moved to our current city in July. Then bought a house in September. Two moves in two months. That was exhausting. But it was ok, if all went according to plan it would five years before we would have to move again.

A few months later, we learned Husband was up for promotion. This is usually considered good news, but promotion usually means moving. Not such good news. However, after much discussion, it looked like we might dodge the moving bullet. Husband could get the promotion and we could stay put, at least for now. Nothing guaranteed, but as of last week things were leaning in our favour.

Which brings me back to today’s email. Things are now leaning the other way. Still nothing guaranteed, but we’re bracing ourselves for what could be a third move inside twelve months. We've been where we are just long enough know this is where we want to stay, and now we might have to leave after only a year. We know, on the grand scheme of all things horrible, this is not a big hit to take. Still, it sucks.

Having learned this information, Husband and I went to get something to eat. We tried to keep it lighthearted, but were unable to avoid some bitching and whining about the powers that be with our fate in their hands. Can’t they make up their minds and let us get on with our lives already?

By the time we got back in the car the rain was coming down heavy again and I was starting to think the weather was paying a little too close attention to my internal state. This is how people end up thinking they are the center of the universe.

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