Monday, 11 September 2017

Air Show

My son loves anything with wheels, or an engine, or both. Trains and dump trucks currently top the list, but planes are enough of an allure for him to point every time one flies overhead and attempt to guess its colour. Thus, when we learned the Kingston Family Fun Fest was going to include an air show, my first thought was: Great, he’ll love that. My second thought was: Kiddo is not a fan of loud noises.

Low flying airplanes are loud. Even if the Tutors flown by the Snowbirds weren’t so bad, the CF-18 demonstration certainly would be. On the other hand, we survived the planes’ arrival to town on a flight path very close to our house (during nap time no less). So, what the hell, we went for it.

Kiddo loved watching the Snowbirds make “big circles!” in the sky. He did get a little cranky when the CF-18 showed up, but I couldn’t say for sure if it was the noise or typical afternoon fatigue.

Also, in totally toddler fashion, the following were as (if not more) exciting features of the day:

-Throwing rocks in the water;

-Inspecting the racks of kayaks and canoes;

-Ducks swimming by: “baby duck!...mommy duck!...daddy duck!” We get enough mallards around here that he knows the difference between the male and female;

-Ants crawling on the concrete under his feet.

My phone's camera does not do the day justice, but I tried anyway:

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