Thursday, 23 November 2017

Cat vs Kid: Part 2

Kiddo: "I want to pet cat."

I look over at the cat, sitting on the warm floor vent, minding her own business. I should really leave her alone. But Kiddo asked so nicely. It's important to reinforce these things.

I scoop up the bemused cat and carry her toward Kiddo. She realizes what's up and stiffens. We get to within Kiddo's reach, "Remember," I say, "quiet and gentle."

Kiddo reaches out and carefully rubs the cat's back. The cat seems to relax a little. This is going so well...

Kiddo thinks so too. He emits a high-pitched "Squeeeeeal!" of delight.

Claws dig into my arm. Furry limbs twist and squirm. I let go before blood is drawn. The cat escapes in a blur.

Kiddo in dismay, "Cat! Pet cat!"

Me: "The cat doesn't want any more pets right now."

Kiddo: "Cat come here!"

There are no winners of this round.

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