Thursday, 2 November 2017

Cat vs Kid

Cat: Haha, across the floor. Just out of the reach of those tiny-human hands. Can't get my fur now.

Kiddo learns to crawl.

Cat: Hahaha, the couch! You may be able to pull yourself along the floor at alarming speed, but the couch is high. The couch is safe.

Kiddo learns to climb up on the couch...even the back of the couch.

Cat: The TV stand, surely he'll never be tall enough to...

Kiddo: Wanna bet? Oooh and look, I can turn off the TV speakers from here too.

Cat: Blast, foiled again. What about the dinning table?

Kiddo: Nice try, but you'll never escape me...and you're sitting on my crayons.

Cat: Oh yeah?

Any chance I can get my meals up here?

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