Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A Moment in Parenting: Doorknobs

Kiddo graduated from crib to toddler bed over the Christmas holiday. This timeframe was chosen because I was convinced the ability to get in and out of bed so easily would spell the end of our smooth bedtime routine, and there would be a string of sleepless nights before we got it back. Having Hubby on holidays meant there might be some chance to recover lost sleep by trading afternoon naps.

My other fears regarding this milestone included:

1) The end of nap time. We put a cover on the inner doorknob of Kiddo's room in the hopes we could at least keep him in there and salvage some kind of quiet time.

2) Kiddo wandering the house at night and finding his way into the living-dining area where a strategically placed chair from the dining table would allow him to climb up onto the half wall/ledge separating this room from the split entryway. He would then fall (head first, naturally) the eight feet down to the entryway, or even further down the basement steps. (Whoever designed this house must not have had children.)

3) Kiddo wandering the house and finding his way to Daddy's den where there are plenty of loose screws and watch batteries, computer cords, unmounted bookcases, the washer and dryer, the litter box, the water heater, and the furnace.  My imagination has sooo much fodder when it puts Kiddo in this room unattended.

4) Kiddo leaving his room, then leaving the house, and then either freezing to death, getting hit by a car, eaten by a coyote, or maybe all three.

To address these concerns, Husband and my nightly routine now involves: Closing the child gate blocking the living room; Closing the newly-installed gate to the den (why not just close the den door? a) the cat needs litter box access, b) it's a handle knob and Kiddo figured out pulling those down ages ago); Not only locking the deadbolts, but also the out-of-Kiddo's-reach extra security latches installed on both the garage and front doors; Making sure the screen door (which conveniently sticks so much I can hardly open it) and the sliding door to the deck are closed and latched.

All of these measures turned out to be redundant. When put down for his first nap in the toddler bed, Kiddo attempted to overcome the doorknob cover twice. Then he got back into bed and went to sleep. He not only stays in the room until we come get him in the mornings, we always find him in the bed. Even when he's been awake for over an hour--which I know because he sings to himself. The singing means I'm awake too, but I can still lay in bed for a while. It's been pretty awesome.

Until this morning, when I stepped out of our bedroom at 7 am to find Kiddo standing in the hallway. Apparently, he's been practicing with that doorknob cover in secret.

We will now be installing an extra security bar on the patio door, just in case.

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