Saturday, 24 February 2018

Shoulda Seen this Coming

There is a box in the corner of my desk.

There used to be a pile of paper in that corner of my desk. The pile consisted of documents to be filed, claims to be submitted, receipts to be shredded, and the like. (You'd be amazed how many such things still exist in paper form.) You know, all the things I should have dealt with right away, but...well...I didn't.

I bought the box to contain the paper until I get a round tuit:

I got this image from I have no idea where it originated.
In the meantime, the box keeps my desk looking (relatively) orderly. It works. There's just one problem. When I do finally deal with all this paper, it will be coated in cat hair:

I really should have seen this coming. Don't we all know, cat + box = cat in box? Basic math.

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