Monday, 9 April 2018

A Moment in Parenting: Birthday Party

Kiddo attended his first for-real birthday party this weekend. Here are the highlights:

Pin the tail on the pony?
Kiddo: Don’t bring that blindfold anywhere near me.

Throw the bean-bag socks in the hole?
Kiddo: I’d much rather play with this police car and helicopter in the corner.

Sit at the table and eat your cupcake?
Kiddo: Yes, but only for thirty seconds. (Left the cupcake half eaten…whose child is this?)

Time for presents...
Kiddo: What do you mean I can’t help the birthday girl open her presents??

Play with play-doh?
Kiddo: No (again, whose child is this?) I want to go back downstairs and play with the helicopter (ok, he is ours after all).

Maybe 2 ½ is a bit young to appreciate the organized-party-games concept. He still had enough fun to protest when it was time to leave, though.

When Kiddo's birthday rolls around there will be a cake (probably Betty Crocker), a few Dollarama balloons, and one other kid (two tops) to keep us from eating an entire birthday cake by ourselves. Organized activities will include: eating cake, playing with balloons, and if I’m really ambitious…who am I kidding, I won’t be really ambitious.

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