Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Moment in Parenting: Carrots

Day one:

What’s for dinner?
Beef stew with plenty of carrots. Kiddo has always liked carrots.

Kiddo’s reaction: “I don’t want carrots.”

Me: “You like carrots.”

Kiddo: “No carrots.”

Day two:

What’s for dinner?
Chicken with potatoes and carrots. Gotta use up the rest of the carrots before they turn rubbery. Besides, surely the sudden dislike of a previously-favourite vegetable was temporary.

Kiddo’s reaction: “Yucky carrots.”

Me: “Yummy carrots.”

Kiddo: “No.”

Day three:

What’s for dinner?
Pizza. Bread and cheese, what’s not to like?

Kiddo’s reaction: “I want carrots.”

Me: “Of course you do.”

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