Friday, 3 August 2018

A Moment in Parenting: Sir, is that a bomb in your bag?

After a ten-day visit with the grandparents, Kiddo, Hubby, and I are killing time with Grammie (my mom) in the café at the Saint John Airport before saying our goodbyes and going through security--As is the case in many tiny airports, there is no reason to go through security in Saint John before they announce your flight over the intercom. There isn't much over there (except a mini fridge to store any carry-on seafood you might have with you).

Bags are checked. Kiddo is happily eating a tub of Froot Loops. I'm gnawing on granola/protein bar that was really not worth the $3. (Why do I keep trying these things? I should've just gone for the Kit Kat bar.)

A voice comes over the loud speakers calling us back to the check-in counter. Hubby and I exchange a curious look. He goes to see what they want. I stay put to make sure Kiddo remains focused on his Froot Loops instead of grabbing every stuffed lobster and miniature hockey stick in the souvenir display.

What did they want at the check-in counter? To know why our bag was beeping.

A bomb, perhaps??

Hubby hurries into the café hauling the giant suitcase that holds a week's worth of Kiddo's and my belongings, "Hey, Kate. Where did you pack the baby monitor?"

I opened the top pouch and found the monitor, low-battery light blinking in sync with the offending beep, beep, beep.  I hit the power button.

By the time we got home something had bumped the power button (note to self: don't pack electronics near the top) and the bag was beeping again. Thankfully, the guys loading the carousel in Ottawa either didn't notice or didn't care. This isn't even the first time travelling with Kiddo has triggered a second look from airport security. Who knew travelling with kids could arouse so much suspicion?

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