Friday, 21 September 2018

Painting: Pre Kid vs Post Kid

I mentioned long, long ago that I wanted to paint the living/dinning area of our house. Not only has more than a year gone by since I shared this information, but when I wrote that post it had already been about ten months since I’d made the decision. I wanted to paint from the moment we moved in. The multiple shades of beige just weren’t cutting it for me. Still, I continued to live with them for what turned out to be close to two years. 

What’s worse, I’ve also gone two years without hanging pictures on the walls. After all, I was going to paint ‘soon’ and didn’t want to put the pictures up only to take them down again. Yeah, I should’ve just hung the pictures.

Why so long from decision to execution? Because pre-kid painting looked like this:

- Two days after moving into new house: “Hmm, I won’t hang pictures yet. I think I’d like to paint first.”

- Two days after that: Look at colours, pick one, buy paint and supplies.

- The next Friday: Move furniture, put up painter’s tape.

- Saturday: Start painting in the morning, keep going until finished, taking breaks to eat, pee, and sleep as needed.

- Two weeks after moving in: Hang pictures.

However, post-kid painting (at least for me) is more like this:

- Two days after moving into new house: “Hmm, I won’t hang pictures yet. I think I’d like to paint first.”

- Eight months later: Trip over a box in my den. The one full of all the pictures I haven’t hung up yet.

- Two months after that: Look at paint colours (and procrastinate further by writing a blog post about it). Take three weeks to pick one…and another three to take the bristle board sheets painted various sample shades of grey off the walls. Around this same time, realise the entryway that must also be painted, as it seamlessly connects to the living room, has a ceiling much higher than our tallest ladder.

- One month later: Order new ladder on Amazon.

- Three months later: Ladder arrives.

- Six months after that: Buy paint and supplies.

- Let the paint sit in my den for another month or two because…just because.

- Finally work up the gumption to tackle the intimidating entryway wall.

- Wait for the next Tuesday when Kiddo goes to daycare: Almost kill myself getting the ten-foot ladder out of the garage and into the entryway by myself. Paint one coat on one wall.

- Thursday (Kiddo only goes to daycare twice a week): Second coat on wall one, first coat on wall two.

- Later that day: Explain to Kiddo when he gets home that yes, Mommy painted the wall. And no, he can’t paint the wall too. Console Kiddo.

- The following Tuesday and Thursday: Progress continues. About one third of the entry/living/dinning area is painted.

- Leave for a family visit to New Brunswick, fully intending to pick up where I left off in two weeks time.

Six weeks later…

- Back to painting. Manage to make good progress both Tuesday and Thursday. But one wall is still untouched.

- Daycare provider goes on vacation for one week.

This brings us to today. My front wall is currently a different colour than the rest of the living room, and the wall behind the couch needs a second coat. I fully intend to finish this job next week when Kiddo goes back to daycare…probably.

Any bets on how long it will take me to hang pictures??

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