Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Things Kids Say

Kiddo recently had the following conversation with his dad:

Kiddo: "Mommy's mommy is Grammie."

Dad: "That's right."

Kiddo: "Your mommy is Oma."

Dad: "Yes."

Kiddo: "There are lots of mommies."

Dad: "Yes there are."

Kiddo: "And lots of daddies."

Dad: "And lots of little boys and girls."

Kiddo: "There are lots of reindeers!!"

Always fun to see where his brain will jump next. It's safe to say Kiddo is learning to appreciate the holiday concept, or rather the 'treats and presents' concept.

We were still discussing Halloween regularly right up to Christmas Eve, and odd mentions of pumpkins, skeletons, and costumes still surface now and then. Just yesterday we had a recounting of the costumes of all the neighborhood children Kiddo's age.

I predict random Christmas commentary will continue indefinitely, or at least until his birthday (in August).

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