Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Ways in Which I Underestimate My Kid

As I have made reference to before, I tend to be about six months behind in assessing my child's abilities. I assume (hope) I am not the only mother out there who does this. Luckily, I have a husband who tends more towards giving Kiddo the benefit of the doubt, maybe sometimes to a fault, but Hubby has been right on some notable occasions:

Swimming Lessons:

My husband was so totally sure Kiddo was ready to move on from parent-and-tot to drop-off lessons. I was imagining weekly meltdowns ending in early departure from the pool, and a forever-traumatized child who would never want to swim again.

There were a few tears the first week. But overall, Kiddo rocked the swimming lessons. He can swim the length of the pool with a pool noodle under his arms, is willing to jump into the deep end (into someones arms, of course), and will dunk is head completely (when he feels like it).


There was a family ski day with my husband's work. Two hours in the car, each way, followed by getting a three year old to wait for an equipment rental, then get into boots, skis, and a helmet. All so he can refuse to step onto the magic carpet to the top of the bunny hill? Then, if he does get to the top of the hill, we're going to convince him to ski back down the hill that, to someone 3½ feet tall, must look like a mountain? Yeah right. I want Kiddo to learn to ski, but how about we wait until next year to torture ourselves.

We attended the ski day. Kiddo was a champ waiting for, and putting on, his equipment. After one mild meltdown, we got him up the hill. He skied down while I held onto him. This was a workout for me as Kiddo decided he was done halfway down and lifted his skis into the air. I carried him down the rest of the way while trying not to ski into anyone. But the day was far from a disaster. We might even try it again this winter.


My husband brought up the idea of bringing Kiddo to see the July 1st fireworks. Keeping Kiddo up past 10pm to experience a series of sudden booming noises. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea (did you catch the dripping sarcasm?). Once again, we went for it. Once again, I anticipated disaster.

Once again, my husband was right. Kiddo loved the fireworks (with ear defenders on), and staying up late did not end in meltdown.

Camping is the next Kiddo adventure on the agenda. As usual, my husband is optimistic (and it was his idea). I am making lists of all the things that can go wrong. But history tells me it'll be fine (she says, with visions of two sleepless nights in a tent with a four year old running through her head).

Then there's the whole 'Kiddo starts kindergarten in four weeks' thing. FOUR WEEKS! How did that happen? Didn't summer start two seconds ago?

But, really, no need to panic...😬

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