Friday, 13 September 2019

Photo Friday: Dragonfly

Kiddo started school last week. So far he seems to like it (phew). As it happens, we live just under one kilometer from the school. That means walking instead of taking the bus.

Four years old seems a bit young for the bus, so I'm actually glad we're within the walking radius. But, at Kiddo pace, it does take 20-30 minutes each way (depending how many leaves and blades of grass we stop to examine along the way). About an hour added to the day–and I expect the winter months will be interesting.

For now though, we're enjoying the nice weather along with the trees, grass, weeds, flowers, birds, squirrels, and everything else there is to see. Leave it to a four year old to make sure you don't miss anything interesting. Like this dragonfly, which we studied for a good ten minutes on our trip home the other day:

Kiddo was pleased the dragonfly was his favourite colour, and happened to match his shirt. Ever tried to get a picture of a moving dragonfly with your phone? I did my best:

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