Friday, 25 October 2019

Photo Friday: An Apple a Day

Let me tell you, folks, there are some well-fed squirrels living in Kingston, Ontario. In university, it wasn't unusual to see squirrels running around campus with whole cookies or crackers, pilfered from the common rooms, in their mouths. I remember being warned not to leave my window open if there was food in my room, or else I might find myself with some uninvited guests.

Thankfully, I never came home to find squirrels eating the leftover pizza or various vending machine snacks from my cupboard. I did have one friend who committed the mortal sin of feeding a squirrel. The squirrel in question not only became a regular feature on her windowsill, but this guy was feeling so secure in his food supply that he was picky. My friend claimed Mr. Squirrel (or Mrs. It was never confirmed) would turn up his nose at the plain peanuts she offered, insisting on roasted only. This was a very rotund squirrel, by the way.

I was reminded of all this on a walk recently when I came across this guy:

I know they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But I don't think the apple is supposed to be larger than your head. Maybe he plans to save some for later?

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