Sunday, 31 May 2020

A Good Sign

It's been an interesting few months. Kiddo's last day of school was March 13th. (Friday the 13th, in fact, but let's not read too much into that 😏) It's finally been made official that schools in Ontario (like pretty much everywhere else) won't be opening until September. Right around the time everyone is saying the second wave of COVID is going to hit, so we'll see how that goes.

It's hard to be optimistic about things, in no small part because I tend to be pessimistic by nature. But I'm working on it. I'm telling myself that Kiddo's school life won't be normal again until September 2022, when he starts grade one. Anything sooner will be a bonus. I wouldn't make a good kindergarten teacher. Kindergarten teachers are basically saints. I'm not. That said, I think my husband and I can manage teaching one kid to count, add  2 + 3 on his fingers, and hold a pencil properly. 

I'm sad Kiddo is missing out on the social aspects of kindergarten, but with zero active cases of COVID in Kingston right now, there's hope the rules will relax enough for him to get some kid interaction over the summer.

My husband still has his paycheck. We're not worried about our bills. That makes us very lucky. 

I'm still able to go for walks on the path around our neighbourhood. I'm starting to add short runs, which will eventually become longer runs. I'll at least be able to look back and say my fitness improved during this time. 

I'm not big on signs, omens, and the like. Coincidences are coincidences, weather is weather. But on my walk last night I saw this and I've decided to take it as an excuse to be optimistic:

And, though it may feel like it, there is some evidence that the world isn't really cancelled:

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