Monday, 28 December 2020

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction (Almost)

The Great Conjunction. Jupiter and Saturn form a line with Earth about every twenty years, but haven't gotten this close, and been visible in the night sky, for around 800 years. And it occurred on the winter solstice of 2020 no less. I bet there's a lot of significance being read into that. 

I don't see any mysticism in this so-called 'Christmas star', but the rare event was cool to see. Unfortunately, we had clouds in my area on the 21st. This pic from my husband's phone was taken on the 22nd.

Kiddo was a little confused about why he was being dragged out to the cold back deck at supper time, but seemed moderately interested in the fact these stars were in fact planets. And I reminded him that he's now seen four planets in the sky. I brought him out to look at Mars when it was right next to the moon a few months ago, and have pointed out Venus to him before. Just in case he ever changes his mind about becoming a paleontologist-pilot-garbageman, I want him to know astronomy and cosmology are also valid career choices.

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