Monday, 1 February 2021

Holiday Lines Are Blurry Around Here

How did I know it was time to take down the Christmas tree this year?

Well for one thing it was mid January, but since schools in Ontario were still closed there was no definitive end to the holiday season. And ever since we converted to a fake tree, the urgency to wrap up Christmas and remove the needle shedding ever-drying kindling from the living room just isn’t there.

The real sign that finally prompted me to get the decorations boxes from the garage and start packing up Christmas was Kiddo’s reversion to watching Halloween videos on YouTube. Just as I dislike the October overlap of Halloween and Christmas decorations in stores, there was something that felt wrong about listening to C’est L’Halloween under the glow of Christmas lights.

Kiddo’s insistence on revisiting all of his favorite Halloween songs in January had me convinced Halloween must be his favourite holiday. (He did inherit my sweet tooth, but it’s not like Christmas is lacking in sugar🤔). Well, no sooner was the Christmas tree gone than Kiddo was asking for me to play Jingle Bell Rock on my phone so he could dance around the kitchen to it. And just yesterday, while sitting on the couch playing with his tablet, he started singing Jingle Bells—the ‘Batman smells’ version, naturally (thank you, kindergarten).

I’ve clearly failed to properly explain (or enforce) the concept of seasonal music. I’ve also decided the light-up snowman in our front yard can stay until March…or until the snow melts, which might be longer. (At least I took down the blow-up Santa.)

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