Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Ontario Lockdown Number...?

Apr 1st 2021: Covid cases rising. Ontario "hits the emergency brake" we're in "shutdown"...

Apr 8th: Make that "Lockdown". We're now in lockdown. It will last four weeks...

Apr 15th: Now it's a "stay-at-home order"--until May 20th. Oh and by the way, remember how we postponed March break until this week because we were afraid having kids out of school for a whole week in March would lead to a surge in covid cases? Yeah, well, the kids won't be going back to school Monday because we're afraid having kids back in school will lead to a surge in covid cases. And we'll be closing all playgrounds. Have fun with your kids.

Apr 16th: Ok fine, you can use the playgrounds. But no picnic tables allowed. 

May 10th: ...so we'll probably be extending the stay-at-home order. Maybe. Or maybe not, but most likely. Discussions are ongoing. As for school...some experts say the kids should definitely go back. Some experts say they should not go back. And we always listen to the best advice of our experts...

Infer as you will...I need a beer.

Were you wondering what the difference is between "shutdown", "lockdown", and "stay-at-home order"?

Yeah, me too. 

At least I'll be eligible for vaccination soon...probably...I think, maybe🤔

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