Friday, 4 June 2021

And Still No School

It's official, kids in Ontario will not be going back to school before September.

They said they wanted the daily case rate to be below 1000. As of this writing Ontario's 7-day case average is 889.

They said they wanted the experts to weigh in. The experts said, schools should be open.

They said schools would be the first to open. As per current plans, the following will open before schools:

Restaurants & Bars
Hair Salons
Day Camps
Overnight Camps
Theatres and Cinemas
Strip Clubs

The list goes on to include pretty much everything. In other words, when they said schools would the first to open they really meant schools would be the last to open.

Whatever. Here are some flowers and a duck--who was unimpressed that we showed up at the beach without any french fries to share and doesn't care about our problems.

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