Hostage: Published in the anthology Time Travel Short Stories by Flame Tree Publishing. Available through Flame Tree's website, and through Amazon).

A Swirl of ChocolateWatching from the shadows, Charlie saw the earlier version of himself arrive. The slightly-younger Charlie walked hesitantly past the swing set, the slide, and the jungle gym...This flash-fiction piece is available, free, on 365 tomorrows (Published as K. Esta).

Mabel's Mission Art by Shannon Legler

Mabel's Mission: This quirky adventure with human experimentation gone wrong is seen through the eyes of Mabel Foster, a Mad Scientist's assistant. Published, and accessible for free on the Mad Scientist Journal website. Also included in the anthology Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2013 (Published as K. Esta).

Experienced Osteo-transplant Specialist Seeks Work:  Imagine a universe overrun by Mad Scientists. What would the Classifieds section of the newspaper look like? Find out in the MSJ anthology, Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2012 (Published as K. Esta).

The Cavern: Check out this light, Winter Solstice themed flash fiction story available free on Every Day Fiction (Published as K. Esta). Also available as a podcast read by Folly Blaine.

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